Thursday, June 2, 2016

Combination of checkpoint inhibitor and IL-21-primed melanoma-specific T cells produced durable response, "cure", in melanoma patient

Of note, earlier attempts to stop melanoma progression in this patient with IL-2/IL-7/IL-15 primed MART1-reactive "monoclonal" CD8+ T cells and/or Yervoy were not successful. As seen before, successful anti-melanoma immunotherapy produced autoimmune skin/hair disorder, vitiligo (loss of melanocytes)

As the cellular level, IL-21 priming resulted in better survival of infused polyclonal T cells and epitope spreading targeting other melanoma antigens such as NY-EOS1, gp100, tyrosinase and MAGE-A3.

In summary, this study clearly shows the vast [not yet fully tapped] potential of cancer immunotherapy.

David Usharauli


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