Monday, April 17, 2017

HPV+ cancers express non-viral neo-antigens targeted during adoptive immunotherapy

Human papillomavirus can induce epithelial cancers. HPV oncoproteins (E6, E7) are thought to be clinically-relevant antigenic targets for antigen-specific immunotherapy. 

New study in Science showed however that in patients "with HPV+ metastatic cervical carcinoma who experienced complete cancer regression" after adoptive immunotherapy, T cells target cancer-specific mutated neo-antigens, not just viral antigens.

These results indicate that HPV+ cancer patients could benefit from adoptive transfer of T cells specific for non-viral oncoproteins  (though it is not clear from this study whether non-viral tumor neo-antigen specific T cells or HPV oncoprotein specific T cells were responsible tumor regression).

David Usharauli

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